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NowNow Promo Codes

About NowNow

NowNow is the most popular local delivery app. Noon, a well-known e-commerce startup, created the NowNow service. Biggest supermarkets, pet stores, pharmacies, and butcher shops have cooperated with Noon. They did so so that NowNow UAE customers may purchase basics. The  services are available on both iOS and Android consumers via a mobile application. So they can get groceries, fresh meat, pet items, and medicines right from their phones. In early 2020, NowNow was created. Noon opened this retailing store to provide customers with everyday household necessities. It is currently available in Dubai, Abu Dubai, and Sharjah. So, place your order and it will be delivered in 60 minutes or even less. Read more to know about NowNow Promo Codes!

Steps to Shop with NowNow Promo Codes

For one-hour delivery and fresh ingredients, use the NowNow promo codes. With NowNow Promo Codes, you can stay safe and healthy.

  • Go to , Search for the NowNow Coupon page and Click on it
  • On the coupon Page, click on “Get Discount”. The link will automatically be copied. Click again on “Get Discount” , you will be redirected to the official Shopping Site.
  • Choose from fresh food items and supplies from supermarkets, bakeries, butcher shops, frozen products, and even pet supplies. Prepare to check out.
  • Paste the coupon code into the coupon box on the checkout page.
  • Use the code and keep a record of the savings!

While you’re saving money on nutritious meals, you should also save money on your favorite brands of clothing, cosmetics, and household goods.

Reasons To Shop from NowNow

NowNow is a shopping app that allows you to compare prices, offers, and promo codes. This software lists local stores with prices once you select a product. It also offers additional pick-up choices (credit/debit card or cash) in addition to these. Pictures, pricing lists, and maps of the product’s location are all available. NowNow Dubai ensures that groceries and basics will be delivered within 60 minutes. It is backed by a team of on-duty riders and drivers who ensure that your products arrive on time. On the newly developed app, you can track your orders in real time. Buyers in the UAE, on the other hand, should submit their full address on the app.

When it comes to product delivery, you should expect excellent standards. It delivers the right products to users within an hour, depending on the destination.

NowNow Coupon Codes and Offers

Do you want to order branded everyday goods on a budget? Now, with Promogrenate’s NowNow discount codes and offers, you can enjoy even more savings and benefits.

  • Shop NowNow’s online store and save up to 50% on your daily necessities.
  • During seasonal and festival sales, get an extra 15% off popular brands.
  • Order from supermarkets, pharmacies, pet food, meat, and other places to get the greatest deals on a daily basis.
  • Use the NowNow app coupon code to get a 15% discount on all orders when you spend at least AED 20

Grocery NowNow Promo Codes

Get NowNow grocery, cleaning supplies, and other necessities. To help you with your shopping, have them delivered to your door. Isn’t it incredible? This supermarket sells groceries, snacks, bread, dairy products, and a variety of other items from reputable brands. Get up to a 55% discount on all orders, plus an additional 15% off. Don’t forget to check out Promogrenate at the start of each season. You can receive free NowNow promo codes and deals right here!


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