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Promogrenate is a coupons and promo codes platform gathering all the best deals from a wide variety of shops within the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Our discounts even extend to include the entire world. When we established our platform, our main mission revolved around scouring the local and regional markets for the best deals, coupons and promo codes, then put them at the disposal of our community.

We have proudly partnered with online shops throughout the region to ensure we put at your disposal the best discounts on the internet. Our user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy to use the coupon codes and to browse the different categories we have.

Just browse our library of coupon codes and enjoy the discounts.

A promo code or a coupon code is free and allows you to get a discount when shopping online on a specific website. It is usually used at the last stage of shopping when checking out your cart. After inserting the promo code, the discount is applied automatically to your total.
Coupon codes, promo codes and digital vouchers are generally conceived to be only used during online shopping. These codes are used in a specific field you can see when you reach the check-out page.
Our coupon codes work around the region and we have specific deals for each country. From our locations tab, you can choose your country and then start browsing for coupon codes. The countries we operate in include the Gulf region, the Middle-East, Asia and North Africa.